How would nature do it?

How does it work?

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    • You may schedule time with us, to share about your goals and time availability, we will created with you together with a proposal for activities and schedule
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To explore, discover the benefits of a holistic lifestyle, and meet, and connect with new people with similar interests and lifestyles.

Experiential. Multigenerational. We try out methods, techniques, and host conversations about topics of interest. We update the program every season and every week.


We schedule wellness days, combined with empowering masterclasses and presentations.

We organize the activities, food, and entry to the venues. Exclusive partners in the Netherlands and the EU. We may take 1 full day or weekend together. Spa, massage, sauna, nature, healthy food, nurturing conversations.


We schedule sports sessions according to our member's predilect activities: Biking tours, fitness, yoga, camping, and self-defense.

Bring your own sport to the club.

We also include board games or in general games, in this category, as our minds and emotions can also GYM by playing games.


We organize activities in which your creativity can be explored, learn new skills, finding balance with joy. In these sessions, we explore with the body (dance, self-expression, acting, performance, improvisation), sound (voice, handpan, drum circle), themind (storytelling, poetry, geometry) & colors (paint, light, form). 


We provide knowledge, tools, methods, and techniques that are easy to learn and that everyone can apply at home or while traveling, or from the office. You just need 3 min, 9 min, or 20 min in your daily routine. Our programs adjust to your availability. Personalized content. Includes mentorship and coaching.


Or Shinrin-yoku: These are half-day hikes, or 2 hours walk in the forest, boosting the immune system and regenerative capacity of our bodies. With our senses, emotions, and mind. We interact with the forest by taking our time to enjoy nature and exploring our unique way to connect with ourselves and the forest. 


Exclusive destinations, with beautiful natural landscapes and ancient holistic cultural heritage. In the Netherlands, Europe, Nordic Countries, Alps, and the Mediterranean.

We plan weekends, expeditions, and adventure, combined with culture, leisure, and wellness.

Regenerative journeys.


The practice of self-massage and acupressure are ancient and have been utilized by cultures from all over the world. In our massage circle, we practice together applying the techniques on the shoulders, back, and hands. Combined with conscious breathing and a receptive connecting mindset. We practice indoors or in nature.