How would nature do it?

How does it work?

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Every two weeks

  • We are exploring body geometry, body awareness, conscious breathing, and positive emotions.
  • Stress release, better sleep, vitalization, and regeneration.
  • Techniques like acupressure massage, sound bathing, and yoga, in nature.


Every two weeks workshops

  • Primordial Breathing: conscious breathing and positive emotions
  • Primordial Yoga: Geometry, strength and fitness
  • 4 Hands Sensory Massage: Relaxation
  • Primordial Energy Balancing (Solar Reiki)


Every two weeks

  • Wellness days
  • Biking Tours
  • Forest-Bathing 


27 e-Learning Programs


Every two weeks

  • Dance improvisation circle: exploring balance, purpose, and freedom through circle dance, conscious movement, and breathing, positive emotions, nature inspired storytelling, non verbal communication and dance improvisation