How would nature do it?

How does it work?

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  • We utilize a holistic data-driven methodology to assess your capacity to create a holistic balance in your life, business, profession, and relationships.


Holistic Coaching combined with micro-training sessions. We listen to your preferences, challenges, and goals. We collaborate with the design of your road map, scheduling milestones, and supporting you at every step in the journey you need.


We provide complete training programs with 1-3 years of certification and commercial licenses.

  • Holistic Coaching
  • Holistic Work-Life Balance for business
  • Holistic Trainer
    • Primordial Yoga
    • Prime-Do (Self-defense)
    • Primordial Breathing 
    • Primordial Creativity (Dance Improv. circle dance, acting and storytelling)
    • Primordial Sounds (Drumming circle, human voice, handpan, binaural  tones)
  • Holistic Massage
    • 4 Hands sensory relaxation massage
    • Color massage (Sensory bodypainting)
    • Sound Bath Massage
    • 9 Waves intuitive relaxing massage
  • Preventive Health Stress Release
    • Primordial Energy work, balancing


Do you want to create a holistic lifestyle plan, and road map? We assist you in the process.

Our holistic methodology helps us map all areas of your interest and necessary for your balance, and coordinate them in time with activities that match your availability.


Have you experienced any challenges with time management? How to achieve your goals if you  main barrier is time management? We will share with you some data driven tools and a foundation easy to carry training that will help you transform your time management challenges into opportunities to success


In both male and female, men and women, for any gender identity, the hormone cycles/shifts are of great importance. As they mark the change of conditions in our own biology, psychology, perception, focus, and capacity. We will bring you how to harness those hormone shifts, in your favor.  By collaborating with the structure nature gives you, perceiving the "limitations" as empowerment to thrive!