Did you know that your health is also measured by how your energy, emotions and creativity flow?


In our modern times, we want to experience life with quality and balance, to provide our beloved ones quality time, and experience happiness, and freedom to make our choices.
Our health is certainly the foundation for a satisfactory life.

Ancient cultures all around the world have developed their own holistic understanding, tools, and methods, to enhance your health by boosting your energy and emotional balance.
I have learned along my journeys (1996-2014) diversity of methods. In the last 18 years, I have developed my own.

In the sessions, I provide I teach you how to utilize a pragmatic system for health prevention, vitalization, relaxation, balance, barriers, and stress release.

I named the system Primordial Health. As it utilizes nature principles, with the concept: “How nature would do it? “  The operating principles behind: your life-system has the capacity to self-repair, self-regenerate, and self-organize.  My role as a trainer is to help you discover how your life system works and how to enhance it, but utilizing the knowledge, tools, and methods of the Primordial Health system.

To develop this system I had to reach deeper and higher than the techniques I learned in the past. For example, as a Reiki master level IV, I would teach my students how to teach other students to become reiki facilitators. But I realized that Reiki alone would not make it complete, from my experience as a facilitator (1998-2022) there were some blind spots in the Reiki training I wanted to cover, so I did an upgrade. Using what is called the golden or solar energy, and a complete system of self-awareness, including body, emotions, and mind, in which the customer participates actively in the process.  So I named this series of training: "Primordial Golden Reiki".
Similar stories for other methods I have learned, like massage, breathing, dance, sensory awareness, yoga, meditation, sound, shiatsu, acupressure, meridians healing, color, geometry, symbolic language, natural repatterning, self-defense, role-play, systemic positioning (Systemische Aufstellungen), resonance, forest bathing, play, sexuality, long life - regeneration - methods, and others.
So now you know a little bit of my story, in the field.
Probably now you would like to know by experience.

More about the Matrix-Q Research Institute & Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


  • You start with an assessment session, so we find out where you are and where to start from.
  • We will create a map together with your interests if you want to learn something in particular about your body, emotions, mind, or any specific technique.
  • Or probably there is a topic you would like to work on, like: stress, better sleep, communication, loss, grieving, attention, change, fear; or maybe a fiscal pain.
  • Most of the time is stress and tension that converts into pain. You can learn how to relax your body and your emotions, mind, and interaction with the world.
    Once we know what you want and what you need, and where to start, we plan a process, and schedule sessions for you, that combine the experience of the methods, knowledge, and training for you to apply them and have autonomy in their use, and holistic coaching for those milestones in your road map that seems to be challenging.

There is a praxis circle.

We meet once every two weeks to review together how we apply the principles of the work; we share the experiences and insights we all have, maybe questions, and a little homework, simple challenges I give you to enhance your skills, and depth in the praxis


  • You can collaborate in our workshops as an assistant, and qualify to receive a certificate and a license.
  • Or you just use it for yourself at home, and for your family, share it with the next generation.


  • Do you want to know the complete story, I am writing a book at the first chapters are ready as an e-book.
  • Or simply attend the workshops or schedule a private session, or schedule time with me for questions and answers, an intake with me via WhatsApp at 0031.626673380

e-Learning Programs we have prepared for you